Office of Responsible Research Practices
The Ohio State University

Research Performance Sites

An Ohio State University IRB may only approve human subjects research activities at locations for which the Board has an understanding of the local research context and the university has oversight mechanisms in place. These locations include sites where Ohio State IRBs have both oversight of the personnel involved in research and knowledge of the local research context and generally involve sites located on main campus, regional campuses, extension offices, and affiliated medical facilities. These locations are provided in Buck-IRB submissions under “Ohio State Approved Research Sites” and are continually updated to maintain accurate listings.

Under the university’s Federalwide Assurance, Ohio State employees, staff, and students may not “engage” in research activities at sites that are not affiliated with Ohio State locations, except as explained below. Persons are considered to be engaged in human subjects research when they:

  1. Intervene or interact with living individuals for research purposes;
  2. Obtain individually identifiable private information for research purposes; or
  3. Receive a direct federal grant to support human subjects research.

Since the university is automatically engaged whenever an Ohio State faculty member receives federal funding for research involving human subjects, an Ohio State University IRB must review and approve the research, unless formal arrangements have been made to cede review to another IRB. This is required even if there will be no research activities performed at any Ohio State site.

Limited use of non-Ohio State facilities (e.g., schools, nursing homes, businesses, etc.) for some research activities may be approved by an Ohio State IRB. However, the facility or the facility’s personnel at the non-Ohio State site must not engage (e.g., recruit participants, obtain informed consent, collect data, etc.) in the research.

When more than limited use of outside facilities or involvement of individuals who are not Ohio State University employees or students that would engage them in research activities is proposed, additional review requirements apply. When applicable, the external site’s IRB may oversee involvement of its personnel in the study. When the non-Ohio State site does not have an IRB or to avoid duplicative IRB reviews, an Ohio State IRB may serve as the “IRB of record” with knowledge of the local context and appropriate agreements in place. In such cases, inter-institutional agreements, investigator agreements, or redesign of the project may be required to perform the research. Contact ORRP for more information.

For additional information on this topic, see the OHRP engagement guidance.