Office of Responsible Research Practices
The Ohio State University


Buck-IRB is the electronic system used for the submission and review of exempt and Institutional Review Board (IRB) research performed by Ohio State investigators. Buck-IRB streamlines the exempt and IRB submission processes for investigators.


To access the Buck-IRB system, login at

Buck-IRB Offline Forms

Buck-IRB is a smart form that dynamically adapts to user responses, activating additional questions and/or pages as questions are answered. Because of this functionality, it is not possible to print the entire application form prior to completion.

To assist researchers, ORRP has created PDFs containing the text and conditional logic of each submission form so that investigators or research staff may preview the application questions without entering the electronic system. Click here to be routed to the PDF versions.

Buck-IRB System Tips

  • Because all system communications are delivered via email, it is essential that you keep your profile information up-to-date, particularly your contact email address. Your system profile can be updated at any time at
  • You must actively save your data on each screen; the system will not automatically save the data entered. To save your data, you must click “Continue” or “Save & Continue”. These buttons are located at the top-right or bottom-right of each page.
  • Do not use your browser’s backspace or other control keys to navigate in Buck-IRB.
    • Always use “Continue” or “Save & Continue” in the navigation bar to move forward through the form pages.
    • To move efficiently throughout the form, use the left-hand “Form Menu.” Remember to use the “Continue” or “Save & Continue” buttons to save any work before navigating to another form page.
  • You must provide an answer or upload a document for every form field that is flagged with a red asterisk *.
  • The “Form Menu” will display different icons to indicate whether a section is complete or requires attention:
    • Green Check indicates that you have completed all required information.
    • Red Warning indicates that there are items that must be completed before the form can be submitted.
    • Number indicates the number of items you have added to a particular section (i.e., a “3” in “Study Personnel” indicates that 3 study team members have been saved).
  • The system will alert you with on-screen messaging and links when items require your attention.Requires Attention Message

User Guides/Tips

Final Study Reports

When research has been completed and the investigators are no longer accessing identifiable data and/or biospecimens, a Final Study Report can be submitted to ORRP. As of December 3, 2018, the Final Study Report form is in Buck-IRB.
Tips about the Final Study Report in Buck-IRB:

  • To start a Final Study Report, select “Start Final Study Report” from the left-hand navigation menu in the study workspace.
  • If any submissions are still pending in Buck-IRB for a study, the option to select “Start Final Study Report” will not be available. Those pending submissions would need to be resolved (e.g., approved by the IRB, withdrawn, or deleted) first.
  • Once closed, studies can be found in the Archived Studies section in Buck-IRB.

Questions or Assistance

If you have general questions regarding Buck-IRB, please contact Michael Donovan, Buck-IRB Liaison, at 614-292-6950 or

Technical problems with the Buck-IRB system can be directed to