Office of Responsible Research Practices
The Ohio State University


Buck-IRB is the electronic system used for the submission and review of exempt and Institutional Review Board (IRB) research performed by Ohio State investigators. Buck-IRB streamlines the exempt and IRB submission processes for investigators.


To access the Buck-IRB system, login at

Buck-IRB System Tips

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  • Because all system communications are delivered via email, it is essential that you keep your profile information up-to-date, particularly your contact email address. Your system profile can be updated at any time at
  • You must actively save your data on each screen; the system will not automatically save the data entered. To save your data, you must click “Continue” or “Save & Continue”. These buttons are located at the top-right or bottom-right of each page.
  • Do not use your browser’s backspace or other control keys to navigate in Buck-IRB.
    • Always use “Continue” or “Save & Continue” in the navigation bar to move forward through the form pages.
    • To move efficiently throughout the form, use the left-hand “Form Menu.” Remember to use the “Continue” or “Save & Continue” buttons to save any work before navigating to another form page.
  • You must provide an answer or upload a document for every form field that is flagged with a red asterisk *.
  • The “Form Menu” will display different icons to indicate whether a section is complete or requires attention:
    • Green Check indicates that you have completed all required information.
    • Red Warning indicates that there are items that must be completed before the form can be submitted.
    • Number indicates the number of items you have added to a particular section (i.e., a “3” in “Study Personnel” indicates that 3 study team members have been saved).
  • The system will alert you with on-screen messaging and links when items require your attention.Requires Attention Message

User Guides/Tips

Final Study Reports

When research has been completed and the investigators are no longer accessing identifiable data and/or biospecimens, a Final Study Report can be submitted to ORRP. As of December 3, 2018, the Final Study Report form is in Buck-IRB.
Tips about the Final Study Report in Buck-IRB:

  • To start a Final Study Report, select “Start Final Study Report” from the left hand navigation menu in the study workspace.
  • If any submissions are still pending in Buck-IRB for a study, the option to select “Start Final Study Report” will not be available. Those pending submissions would need to be resolved (e.g., approved by the IRB, withdrawn, or deleted) first.
  • Once closed, studies can be found in the Archived Studies section in Buck-IRB.

Questions or Assistance

If you have general questions regarding Buck-IRB, please contact Michael Donovan, Buck-IRB Liaison, at 614-292-6950 or

Technical problems with the Buck-IRB system can be directed to