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Grant Congruency Review

A congruency review is a review of a proposal to ensure the animal activity outlined in that proposal has been approved by the Ohio State Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) in an active, approved protocol as required by federal granting agencies.

It is the institution’s responsibility to ensure that the IACUC has approved the proposed use of animals described in a grant application or contract proposal. This is required to comply with the Public Health Service (PHS) Policy on Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals as stated in Section V.B.

How do I get my funding released as quickly as possible?

As soon as the investigator learns that he or she has a score that is likely in the fundable range, the PI should contact their SPO to initiate the congruency review process.  The SPO will work with ORRP staff to confirm congruency.

NOTE: The PI is the only person on campus who receives notification of fundable scores, so it is up to the PI to initiate congruency review at this early state.  Otherwise, the review process would not start until the SPO receives the award documents from the sponsor, which increases the possibility that there could be a delay in PHS releasing the funds.

Who is conducting this congruency check?

Congruency checks are coordinated with the Office of Sponsored Programs and conducted by Office of Responsible Research Practices (ORRP) staff involved in the IACUC/IBC program at Ohio State.  As soon as a PI receives word that their grant may be funded, contact your SPO to get the check started.  If possible, don’t wait until JIT notification.

How are we checking for congruence between grant proposals and animal activity protocols?

Congruence will be evaluated for several important parts of protocols and proposals.  The Vertebrate Animal Section and the Approach part of the Research Strategy Section are the primary areas of the grant to be compared with the protocol.  Information to be reviewed include:

  • General scope of work – disease area, target organs, etc.
  • Species of animals
  • Number of animals and sex
  • Agents administered (including anesthetics, analgesics and experimental agents)
  • Method to administer the agent
  • Procedures to be conducted on animals
  • Method of euthanasia

What if I am notified that my grant is not congruent with my approved animal protocol?

ORRP will work closely with investigators to clarify information or to help amend the protocol to be consistent with the grant.

When is a congruency review required?

A review will be conducted for all newly awarded grants as of October 2015.  ORRP will not look retrospectively at grants already on existing protocols.

For more information, see Animal Protocol Congruency Process

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