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How do I obtain an Individual Investigator Agreement (IIA) for an external researcher?

A collaborating, external individual investigator is someone who is not an employee or agent of Ohio State, who is conducting research activities on behalf of Ohio State on an IRB approved research study, and who is not acting as an employee of any other institution with respect to his/her involvement in the research being conducted by Ohio State.   For researchers meeting this criteria, Ohio State requires the individual to sign an investigator agreement and complete Ohio State CITI training and a Conflict of Interest (COI) disclosure.  Occasionally, the IRB may allow an alternative training plan to be substituted for the Ohio State CITI training. Alternative training plans must be submitted and approved by the Ohio State IRB Chair/Vice-Chair.

To obtain the IIA document, email the individual’s CV directly to  An agreement will be prepared and sent to the principal investigator who is responsible for routing the IIA for signature by:  the individual investigator, principal investigator, and the Ohio State department chair and dean.  To obtain final signature approval from the Vice President for Research, the partially signed IIA document must be sent directly to via email.

Alternatively, to obtain the IIA document you may upload the individual’s CV directly with your protocol or amendment submission in Buck-IRB.  The individual’s CV will be forwarded and the IIA process initiated during the IRB screening process.

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