Office of Responsible Research Practices
The Ohio State University

Investigator Guide – Table of Contents

Human Subjects Research Overview

Chapter 1 – Before you begin

1.1 Why would my research require review?
1.2 Where do the requirements come from and how do I know which apply?
1.3 What is an IRB?
1.4 What is (the) ORRP?

Chapter 2 – Think About the Purpose of Your Project

2.1 How do I know if I am doing human subjects research?
2.2 How do I get a written determination about the review requirements?

Chapter 3 – Your Project Requires Review

3.1 What type of review is required for my project?
3.2 What is exempt research?
3.3 What is involved in IRB review?
3.4 What is expedited review?
3.5 How is expedited research reviewed at Ohio State?
3.6 What is convened (full board) review?
3.7 How is convened research reviewed at Ohio State?
3.8 What Ohio State research is sent to Western IRB for review?
3.9 What is the process for WIRB review?

Chapter 4 – Additional Considerations

4.1 Is there anything else I need to know before I begin?
4.2 Does the location of my research affect the required review process or submission materials?
4.3 What are my responsibilities as a researcher at Ohio State?
4.4 Are there any additional requirements for student researchers or their faculty advisors?

Chapter 5 – Where to Find What You Need

5.1 Where do I find help and/or information about conducting research at Ohio State University?
5.2 Where can I access the major laws & regulations related to human subjects research?
5.3 Other Helpful Links


Appendix 1: Submission Guide
Appendix 2: Guide to Writing a Research Protocol/Proposal


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