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Updates to the Buck-IRB system

Posted: January 12, 2018

New updates to the Buck-IRB submission system go live on January 12, 2018

Updates to the Buck-IRB submission system will improve and enhance the Buck-IRB work experience for investigators and research staff and support the new NIH Policy on the Use of a Single IRB for Multi-Site Research. Included are features to facilitate the management of multisite, collaborative research, including when Ohio State serves as the IRB of record for one or all sites in a research project.

The following features are incorporated in this latest update:

  • Changes to the Multisite page to clarify when Ohio State will serve as the IRB of record and which site will serve as lead institution
  • Several revisions to the Research Locations (domestic and international) pages as follows:
    • Study activities performed at each location must now be confirmed by selecting options from a provided list
    • If Ohio State will serve as the IRB of record for a site, confirmation must be made on this page
    • If Ohio State serves as the IRB of record, a local context worksheet must be uploaded for each location relying on Ohio State
    • An upload box is available to provide any site-specific documents to be used by the relying site
  • An upload box is now available on the External Collaborators page to allow CV/resume, draft agreement, or other required document uploads for external individuals added to the study team
  • Changes were made to the management of external collaborators, as follows:
    • External collaborators cannot be added, removed or modified at the time of continuing review
    • Personnel change requests now permit the removal (only) of external collaborators
    • External collaborators can be added, removed, or modified, as always, through an amendment application submission

Other changes

  • ORRP staff will now be able to include attachments to correspondence initiated through the Buck-IRB system to facilitate communication with investigators and study teams
  • A new category to designate research documents was added to Buck-IRB. In addition to noting documents as “approved”, ORRP staff can now identify certain documents as “reference” documents. Reference documents include any supporting documents that are not provided to subjects or to manage the study, but are part of the IRB review materials. Examples of reference documents are drug/device manufacturing documents, IRB approvals from other sites and collaborative agreements.

Other changes will occur with this Buck-IRB update, though the majority will occur behind the scenes with little or no direct impact on investigators.

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